Hanuman’s childhood and curse

Hanuman, in his childhood assumed the sun as a ready mango and commenced to eat it. A vedic planet, Rahu known to cause solar eclipse was seeking the sun around the same time as well. To convey the message to the entire universe that ‘satva guna’ always wins through, Hanuman planned on taking the sun […]

Hanuman and

Hanuman and Kalanemi

With Lakshmana severely wounded in the war with Ravana, Hanuman was sent to fetch the Sanjivani from the Dunagiri Mountain in the Himalayas. The Sanjivani, a powerful herb with restoring powers was something which would revive Lakhsmana. Ravana realizing that if Laksmana is dead Rama would give up the battle so he sends the sorcerer […]


Lord Hanuman – A hero unparalleled

In his worry to get some news about his wife Sita, Rama kept counting each single day. Hanuman narrated to Rama in detail about everything he did, and also gave Rama the piece of jewelry sent to him by Sita. Seeing that, Rama was delighted. He said that Hanuman had done something which was not possible […]


Hanuman enters Lanka

Hanuman was the most faithful and the most devoted devotee of Lord Rama. When Rama’s wife, Sita got abducted by Ravan, the king of Lanka, Hanuman played a leading role to get her back from there. As Hanuman was about to get into the city, a goddess stopped him there itself, at the city gates. […]


Hanuman crossing the sea

When he was a child, some sages had cursed Hanuman, that he would never be aware of his strength until others informed him of it. Jambavan praised Hanuman’s ability and strength. As Hanuman came to know his powers, great interest started to develop within him. He stood up and started growing. His companions were astounded. […]


Why is Hanuman worshipped?

The old, the young, men and women, and people of almost all ages and professions worship Hanuman or the Monkey God. Going by legend, Hanuman is the child of the Wind God (Vayu or Pavan). Air keeps all living beings alive. One can survive without food, or without water; but it is simply impossible to […]

hanuman chalisa

Why is Hanuman a great soul?

Every human being in the world has good qualities as well as bad qualities. No one in this earth is perfect. It depends upon a person’s choice of living – whether he opts for the good or for the bad.  It is the teachings of all forefathers that every person must inculcate his / her […]


Hanuman mantra

“Maarutatulyavegam Jitendriyam Buddhimataam Varistham, Vaataatmajam Vaanarayoothmukhyam Sriramdootam Saranam Prapadhye” This is the Hanuman mantra which is chanted at the time of worshiping Lord Hanuman. Download Hanuman Chalisa mantra The meaning of this says that “the person worshipping him surrenders to the Lord whose speed is fast like wind as well as swift as the mind. […]


Lord Hanuman – Popular God to Hindus

Lord Hanuman is an extremely popular God to the Hindus. Hindus all over the world know Hanuman as the most dedicated and faithful devotee of Lord Rama. Hanuman is known by different names. He is popular as Maruti, ‘Pavan Putra’ and Anjaneya. Hanuman is also known as the ‘Monkey God’. Lord Hanuman is thought to […]