Navratri 2016 Begins Today : Check out Navratri messages

Maa ka parv aaya Hazaaron khushiyan laaya Shubh navratri!  Download Navratri Vrat Kathayein Maa Durga aapko Bal, buddhi, sukh, aishwarya aur sampannta pradaan karen! Jai mata di! Navratri ki hardik shubhkamnayen!  Nav deep jalen Nav phool khilen Roz maa ka ashirvaad mile Is navratri aapko wo sab mile jo aapka dil chaahta hai! Shubhkamnaayen! Navratri […]

Where lord Hanuman replaces Goddess Durga

Unlike elsewhere in the country where Goddess Durga is worshipped during Dussehra, in Odisha’s Baripada town people worship ‘Pancha Mukhi’ Hanuman. In an unique tradition, people here worship lord Hanuman for over a week and follow the rituals that are not performed during the worshipping of the Devi. Amazing fact, isn’t ?  Please share the […]

Childhood of Lord Hanuman

Since his birth, Hanuman exhibited extraordinary physical power and worked lots of miracles. There are various examples in the scriptures regarding his childhood. Once as a kid, he looked at the sun and thought it to be a fruit. He flew to eat the sun, and swallowed it. The universe sunk into darkness. Angered at such […]

The Patala Incident

During the war with Ravana to rescue Sita from his clutches, both Rama and Lakshmana were held captive by the Rakshasa Ahiravan. He was to offer them to their deity. They were kept in his palace in Patala or the netherworld. Hanuman reached Patala to rescue them, and found that the gate was guarded by […]

Why is Hanuman called LangraVeer?

Lord Hanuman is often referred to as Langra Veer. Langra mean lame and veer refers to the bravest of the brave. Why was he called lame? Download Hanuman Chalisa Pictures HD He got insured when he was carrying the mountain in his hands and crossing over Ayodhya. Bharat, Rama’s younger sibling thought that some Rakshasa […]

Lord Hanuman and the Pandavas

When the Pandavas were in exile , Lord Hanuman met Bhima and recognized him to be his spiritual brother. They were both born after being blessed by Pawandev- the god of wind. Hanumanji gave his word that he would assist them in the Battle of Kurukshetra. Hanumanji positioned himself on the flag of the chariot […]

What is the Hanuman Chalisa?

Hanuman Chalisa is a song full of devotion and in this song; Lord Hanuman is the model devotee. This poem is written by Tulsidas in the Awadhi language. It is his best composition among Hindu texts after Ramcharitmanas. Download Hanuman Chalisa Pictures HD Lord Hanuman is a Hindu deity and a great devotee of Lord […]